16.08.2024 - Gampel Open Air


SAINT CHAOS sound like no-one else in the German music scene.
The Alternative Rock Duo from Berlin established a unique blend of rock and electronic music which over the last 3 years lead them to become one of the most streamed English singing rock bands of Germany.

Their radio single „Where I Belong“ broke into the German airplay charts and peaked at #65.
Since then they’ve played shows like the SWR 3 New Pop Festival, supported the Swedish rock band Royal Republic at international shows and accumulated close to 100 million streams along the way.

From the music production to the music videos (which exist for almost every song they release) the duo around Nils Brunkhorst (vocals) & Phil Sunday (producer, guitar) is operating their band fully DIY. People all over the world relate to their motivational and empowering lyrics proving that SAINT CHAOS are a clear candidate for the next export hit from Germany.


Starting All Over

Ghosts & Monsters